featuring david lovas’ work as a videographer. this video is a collage of works from lauren gurgiolo, the dialtones, and intermedia projects —Collaborators!— wendy mitchell, lindsay greene, paco proano, christopher cox, karla manzur, dustin gaudet, grant johnson, raquel bell, val mccann.


Guitarist Lauren Gurgiolo works as a performer, sound designer, and recording artist.

She has directed five interactive / intermedia shows.

As a guitar player she leads The Dialtones, an experimental rock band.

As a side-musician she has toured internationally with Okkervil River, The Octopus Project, and currently with Erika Wennerstrom from The Heartless Bastards.


The Dialtones – The Dialtones EP (2008)

Roky Erickson With Okkervil River ‎– True Love Cast Out All Evil (2010)

Okkervil River ‎– I Am Very Far (2011)

Okkervil River ‎– Golden Opportunities 2 (2011)

Okkervil River ‎– The Silver Gymnasium (2013)

The Dialtones – Calculated Carelessness (2013)

Lauren Gurgiolo, Paco Proano, Wendy Mitchell -The Quality or Condition (2015)

Lauren Gurgiolo – Silent City (2016)

Octopus Project – Memory Mirror (2017)

Erika Wennerstrom - Sweet Unknown (2018)

Lauren has also recorded with many Austin artists including Elizabeth McQueen, Sahara Smith, Christy Hays, Jonas Wilson, Neal Kassanoff, and enjoys the production talents of Christopher Cox and Grant Johnson Fat Fuse, Danny Reisch at Good Danny’s, and Erik Wofford at Cacophony.